LinkedIn Marketing 101

LinkedIn Marketing 101

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By the end of this guide, you'll be able to successfully market yourself on LinkedIn, whether you're growing your brand, seeking a new career opportunity, or interested in gaining new customers.


Sections in this guide


  • Introduction

  • Profile optimization 1

  • Profile optimization 2
  • Profile optimization 3
  • Features overview
  • Privacy settings overview
  • Growing your network
  • Making new connections
  • Uploading contacts
  • Messaging
  • Posting engaging content
  • Developing your personal brand


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About the Author


Quintin Ford, the co-founder of knw media, has been working in online marketing since 2009. Over his career, he has developed marketing strategies for multimillion-dollar companies, startups, and individual entrepreneurs. He has hosted over 50 in-person events across the country and spoken on stage at one of the most prestigious business conferences in the world.